1st African Food Security Conference, Nairobi, 20 – 21 August, 2013

The theme for the 1st African Food Security Conference is “Harnessing Ecosystems Based Approaches for Food Security and Adaptation to Climate Change.” The conference will hold in Nairobi from 20 – 21 of August, 2013. To apply, and for more information, click here.

africa food security conf

Africa’s vulnerability to climate change impacts has been underscored by recent severe droughts in the Sahel and the Horn of Africa. Africa’s population will constitute about 23% of the global population by 2050, placing huge demand on states to ensure enough food for their populations. These factors raises big questions about the types of approaches needed to meet future food security challenges.

With the shift towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015, approaches that serve multiple purposes and provide cross-cutting benefits will be required. Achieving food security is unmanageable without adaptation to climate change measures and practices that not only support farmers in producing enough food to meet people’s nutritional needs but that also preserve ecosystems from degradation, for example, preventing soil erosion, water, nutrients and pollinators that underpin agricultural productivity, particularly in small holder dominated landscapes.

Against this backdrop the United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Africa (UNEP/ROA) is organizing an African food security conference, “Harnessing Ecosystem based Approaches for Food Security and Adaptation to climate change In Africa” which will take place in Nairobi on August 20-21, 2013.

The objective is to aggregate lessons and experiences into common solutions for food security and climate change adaptation. We will discuss recent applications, share information on targeted ecological actions that provide opportunities for addressing food insecurity and identify how to scale up ecosystem-based adaptation practices.

For more information:

Richard Munang (Ph.D)
Africa Climate Adaptation Coordinator
Climate Change & Development Programme
| United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
+254 20 762 5727 |Richard.Munang@unep.org | www.AAKNet.org| www.unep.org

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