Abubakar Bukola Saraki Volunteer Network Gave New Dimension to Community Service in Kwara State.

Today’s advocacy took a new dimension in Kwara state as Kwarans exemplified a higher sense of contribution to community development; having identified some blocked drainages and the danger attached as rainy season is beginning, partisan and non partisan groups came together to act as their brothers keeper by clearing blocked drainages at Saw Mill Garage linking Oko Erin one of the areas susceptible to flood.

saraki kwaraCommencing with awareness on BBM, Twitter and Facebook by volunteers, the call for community development service witnessed great turn out led by members of Team Abubakar Bukola Saraki volunteers, Kwara Youth Action, Maigida door to door, Kwara Lefro, manager of ABS FC and members of the community.

Enthusiastically speaking to members of the press, Bamikole Omishore who doubles as Special Assistant on Advocacy and Media to Senator Saraki said this is to compliment the Senator and the state government in their development plans and advocacy to get communities prepared for the rainy season in order to avoid flooding which led to loss of lives and properties in the state last rainy season.

Ibrahim Olayinka, the Project Coordinator for ABS constituency office said he is indeed proud that the community members turned out massively to be a part of this development and change. The development which he described as ‘My House Project’ (MHP) is thoughtfully designed to attend to grassroot environmental challenges by motivating people to respond to these challenges by creating a platform for amelioration such as the community development service held. ‘This will be a continuous effort and challenge other groups to focus on programs that will help improve their community as government cannot do it alone.’ He said

Rotimi a member of the community stated this is the kind of change we seek, change that carries the community along while members of the political profile join their community to improve the standard of living. He said personally, he will see to it that the community does not wait till the drainages are blocked as they themselves will start taking proactive measures. The exercise went well even as the people look forward to forthcoming developmental task. Volunteers willing to join the community service next month can fill volunteer form on www.abubakarbukolasaraki.com or contact any of the other groups.

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