Announcing the 3rd Home School Tagged ‘Turmoil in Africa: Uprising or Chaos?’ By the Health of Mother Earth Foundation.

It’s already the third one; we can’t believe how time flies. The third session of the multi-city Sustainability Academy holds from April 7 – 10 2014 in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos. This session, HOMEF wants to interrogate the various uprisings in Africa and make sense of the implication these have on our environment. Missed out on the first and second sessions in 2013, well, here’s your chance to register online and be a part of whichever session is closest to your city.

The Sustainable Academy or HOME School uses the vehicle of knowledge generation and sharing to building common understanding on critical ecological issues across the spectrum of stakeholders (policy makers/civil society/children & youths/community people/Academics & scholars) in Nigeria and Africa.

africa uprising

Some Highlights:

At all venues there will be a presentation of two great new books published by CODESRIA, Dakar:

  1. Silence Would Be Treason - Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa
  2. Claim No Easy Victories – Essays on the legacy of Amilcar Cabral

In each city, the HOME School will hold in the following venues:

ABUJA: 07 April 2014 (Heinrich Boell Foundation, Jabi, Abuja)

PORT HARCOURT: 9 April 2014 (in collaboration with Right Livelihood College Campus, University of Port Harcourt)

LAGOS: 10 April 2014 (University of Lagos)

This session’s Instigator, as HOMEF calls its lead presenters, is FIROZE MANJI, Head, Documentation and Information Centre, CODESRIA. Firoze Manji is the head of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa’s (CODESRIA) Documentation and Information Centre. He is the founder of Fahamu Press and founding editor in chief of Pambazuka News. Pambazuka Press and Fahamu Books blazed the trail in publishing key works on the contemporary socio-political situation of Africa and generally encouraged scholarship and popular discourse on the weekly electronic newsletter, Pambazuka News. One of the books published by the Pambazuka Press, African Awakenings: The Emerging Revolutions, inspired the focus of this Sustainability Academy. Sokari Ekine and our Instigator, Firoze Manji edited the book which is a collection of essays on the subject. His other books include China’s New Role in Africa and the South: A Search for a New Perspective (2008) and From the Slave Trade to ‘Free’ Trade: How Trade Undermines Democracy and Justice in Africa (with Patrick Burnett)

Firoze is Kenyan and holds a PhD in dental surgery. He has worked extensively on developmental matters in Africa and has served as Africa director for Amnesty International as well as being a former CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation in the UK. At CODESRIA he has midwifed the publication of the book Silence Would Be Treason – Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa and another titled Claim No Easy Victories - Essays on the legacy of Amilcar Cabral


Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) is an environmental/ecological think tank dedicated to building knowledge across the strata of the Nigerian society and building resistance to the expansion of fossil fuels extraction. HOMEF also woks on hunger politics, proposing that food sovereignty and support of small-scale farming are the keys to abolishing hunger. HOMEF uses the vehicle of knowledge generation and sharing in pursuit of these aims. Knowledge is shared through our Sustainability Academy also known as HOME School. This academy is designed to have at least two sessions a year, each lasting one week and in multiple locations to enhance access and impact. It is non-residential.

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