Trash that Peel? Think Again! See 10 Things to do with Banana Peels.

Bananas are an awesome fruit. You probably already know that they are rich in potassium and magnesium and can help soothe an upset stomach. There’s more: they are delicious as a snack, as an ingredient in breads and cakes and to throw into a smoothie blend.

From medicinal purposes to beauty regimen, there seems to be one new use for bananas everyday. But what about the ripe, yellow peels? All over the world, food waste is a problem and now, banana peels no longer have to be a part of that problem.

We bet you haven’t heard about most of these 10 ways to use banana peels.

Source: Sustainable America.

Source: Sustainable America.


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This infographic was created by Sustainable America, so head over to their website to learn some more fun facts about the environment.

Let us know what you think. Which of these will you try with your banana peels?

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