Can Social Media Save Our Planet? Join the Debate (Feb 23rd, 2013)

On Feb. 23rd, 2013, world environmentalists will storm one of the largest social media platforms, Twitter, with a debate on the role of social media in saving out planet. The organizers are calling for youth participation in the debate, using the hashtag #AdoptaPlanet.

The world environment is undergoing some of the worst devastation in history, with population crises, exponential depletion of natural resources and indiscriminate pollution as communities industrialize. Several have lost their homes and lives due to rising sea levels and drought caused by climate change. In an increasingly globalized world, social media has become a key means by which environmentalists spread the message of environmental activism to the public.

Source: NYCC, NIgeria.

It is important to note the ever increasing role of social media in current Nigerian environmental issues from the 2012 flooding in Nigeria, discussed on Twitter under the tag #NGFloods and the on-going monitoring of released government funds to a lead-poisoned village in Zamfara (#savebagega). Social media has provided a platform for increased citizen participation in governance through reports, petitions and other methods of activism. The Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition has anchored this project on the background of successes in the past.

The Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition, under the handle @NigYCC on Twitter, will “utilize the current change momentum among the African youth using social media, especially Twitter, to inspire many to think about ecological governance.” The NYCC invites the public to join this global debate with experts. The information are as follows:

Date: Feb. 23rd, 2013

Time: 3pm GMT (4pm, Nigerian Time)

Topic: “Can Social Media Save the Planet?” #AdoptaPlanet

Tweet Debaters:

- TMS Ruge, Lead Social Media Strategist – Connect4Climate, World Bank, Washington / Uganda – @tmsruge

- Corrie Frasier, Social Good Summit- Seattle, USA – @corriefrasier

- Abang Mercy-Asu, Environmental Advocate and Journalist, Nigeria – @AbangMercy

- Blossom Nnodim, Partner, New Media Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria – @blcompere

The discussion will be facilitated by Esther Agbarakwe, Founder and Director, NYCC Nigeria – @estherclimate

For more information, please contact Esther Agbarakwe at @estherclimate.

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