Gambia: Let’s Go Green

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The Gambia government continues to provide Gambians with quite a number of alternatives, which, if adhered to, will lead to our total liberation from poverty to more development. The attitudinal-change call being spearheaded by the president himself, envisages Gambians taking ownership of our development process. This tangible call is the best path to meaningful socio-economic transformation.

Development, like the president has always emphasised, cannot be sustained if the people for whom it is meant are not part of the initiators and implementers of the projects concerned.

The idea of going green – the ‘Green Revolution’ which entails among others the planting of trees and crops to keep hunger at bay is indeed a noble idea in our development crusade. This is obviously in line with the back-to-the-land call by the president to enhance food security. Therefore as we enter the farming season we appeal to all and sundry to utilize the opportunity to plant trees in addition to cropping.

Indeed it is worthy to note that today the most modest philosophy of development revolves around the idea of sustainability. This calls for effective utilisation of the earth’s resources in a manner that will permit this generation to meet their own needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Scientific research also unveils to that trees are crucial for the maintenance of life – for the protection of our forest cover, erosion, increase chances of rains, emission of oxygen, etc. As a matter of fact, our appeal is in recognition of the fact that the world is ever threatened by the severe environmental catastrophes like climate change and escalating depletion of the ocean layer. Any activity geared towards protecting our environment is therefore in the best interest of humanity.

We are therefore optimistic that Gambians will pay heed to the call and endeavour to accomplish the back-to-the-land initiative.

Moreover, throughout history, development has been a product of our control over nature, combined with our moral and physical capabilities. The more we plant trees, the more we will be in possession of the basis of survival.

More importantly, people should take advantage of the back to the land scheme and endeavour to make it a profitable enterprise. Consumable and marketable trees can be planted. This will enable us earn income to live a reasonable standard of living, as well reduce the rate of unemployment and dependency.

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