My wife and I bought a new home few months ago and it was practically perfect. The price was right, it had the right number of rooms, and had a beautiful interior and exterior. There was just one thing that looked off, and it was the patio. It looked so barren and needed a little excitement. I thought about getting some rocking chairs to put on the patio, but my wife thought they would make us look like a couple of old people. I pitched the idea of a patio swing to her, and she liked it.

My wife was already having daydreams about the new swing that would be coming soon. I was more focused on where I would be setting up my home gym. I needed some space for some workout equipment that could be folded up and taken down without much work. I thought about using part of the garage, but the cars are parked there and my tools are there too. I thought about using the attic, but I really don’t want to go up there just to exercise. I may have to just use the bedroom and store everything in the closet.

Installing the swing was pretty simple. I just had to attach the two chains of the swing to my home. The chains are sturdy enough to support the weight of my wife and I, so we don’t have to worry about the swing falling down while we’re using it. We like to sit on the swing in the evening after dinner and just talk and look at the sky. It sounds like something out of a corny romance movie, but the swing provides just the right setting for something like that. At least it’s better than rocking chairs. We’d probably be outside knitting in those.

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