Green Art Overdose! Do the Green Thing Reveals 29 Posters Until Earth Hour, 2014.

It looks like we’re 10 days behind!

From the 1st of March until Earth Hour on the 29th of March, a different poster from a famous creative will be released every day by ‘Do the Green Thing.’ Each of the 29 posters serve as a piece of inspiration to encourage millions of people around the world to take up simple actions like cycling to work and eating less meat to reduce the impact we are having on the planet.

The contributors who have lent their creativity for the campaign include Sir Paul Smith, Sir Quentin Blake, David Shrigley, Neville Brody, Marion Deuchars, Rankin, Camilla Rutherford, Paula Scher, Rebecca Charlton, Jamie Eke, Matthew Elliot and a host of Pentagram partners.

Stay tuned every week as we bring you the daily posters until Earth Hour on March 29th!

Today’s poster, Monday, 10 March

Ask by Abbott Miller 10/29

Source: Do the Green Thing

Source: Do the Green Thing

For more information about today’s poster, visit here for more information. For the previous 9 posters and a lot more, click here.

Earth Hour, the world’s largest mass participation event, is an annual switch off that focuses the world’s attention on the planet. We supported Earth Hour in March 2013 by leading the daily countdown with 23 posters from 23 world-class creatives and inspired over 13 million people around the world. Join the movement here.

The collaborators included Patrick Cox, 2012 Olympic logo designer; Tom Uglow, a creative director at Google; Sophie Thomas, Co-Head of Design at the RSA; Dan Germain, Creative Director at Innocent and a host of Pentagram partners including Michael Bierut, Angus Hyland and Harry Pearce.

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