It’s the Final Episode of WWF’s ‘It’s Dead Serious': Rangers on the Front Lines.

About this episode: The fifth (and final) episode of WWF’s Stop Wildlife Crime series highlights the deadly impact on rangers. Every four days, a wildlife ranger is killed in the line of duty. Use the hashtag #StopWildlifeCrime while you watch the video series and be sure to subscribe to World Wildlife Fund’s YouTube channel to keep up with our new releases.

They serve under various titles—park rangers, forest guards, eco guards and wildlife officers. As the poaching crisis escalates and wildlife crime spreads its tentacles, these men and women on the front-lines of conservation are the first line of defense. And it is not a fair fight. Rangers are often outnumbered and outgunned by ruthless poachers preying on species like rhinos, elephants, tigers and more. For rangers who live—and sometimes die—to protect nature, wildlife crime is a dead serious threat.

Watch WWF’s five-part original online series, STOP WILDLIFE CRIME: THE SERIES and learn from experts in the fields of government, security, forensics and conservation. Join the campaign and learn more about our efforts to Stop Wildlife Crime.

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