We’ve Extended the Deadline to Join Our Dynamic Team! Apply for the Position of Executive Secretary.

Got what it takes? Join our dynamic team as the Executive Secretary. Bailiff Africa is the voice of everything ‘green’, ‘environment’ and ‘sustainable development’ in Africa. We publish a diversity of articles, essays, news, films, documentaries and other works pertaining to GREEN in AFRICA on our online platform. Bailiff Africa has established itself as the most comprehensive publication of environmental / green content pertaining to Africa. Every day, Bailiff Africa publishes brand new content which Africans and international readers have access to. We strive to keep up thoroughly with the dynamic nature of African environment and society. Our working culture is very dynamic and flexible, and offers you exceptional experience in environmental education. Please note that this position is unpaid.

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Job Title: Executive Secretary

Job Description: The executive secretary provides both clerical and administrative support to the team. The role plays a vital part in the administration and smooth-running of the organization.


  1. Must be based in Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. Must have constant access to the internet and a computer as most duties are carried out remotely.
  3. Must have an active presence on social media.
  4. Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a writing, communications or journalism degree. Other specializations are welcome to apply.
  5. Must have an interest in environmental education, innovation and advocacy.
  6. Must have experience in report writing and secretarial activities.

Typical Activities:

The Executive Secretary is responsible for:

  • creating regular and e-reports (e.g, Storify, Hashtracking) on behalf of Bailiff Africa, following every activity or at the end of every week, month, quarter, year or period.
  • making initial drafts of all outgoing proposals on behalf of the organization and revising them after content development from the Executive Director.
  • sending and replying all general e-mails, phone calls and outreach contacts on behalf of the organization.
  • managing an organizational calendar and ensuring that all meetings / conferences are attended to smoothly and minuted upon, where necessary.
  • other duties as directed.

To Apply, send an e-mail to info @ bailiffafrica . org with your CV / resume, three writing samples (including at least one report), your name, age, Twitter handle, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, and blog url (if available). If you have any questions, kindly send us an e-mail or call Funmi at 0815 5484 225. Deadline: The deadline has been extended to the 28th of February, 2014.

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