Thank you very much for indicating interest in Bailiff Africa. There are several capacities in which you can volunteer with Bailiff Africa:

  1. Contributor: write articles periodically (bi-weekly, usually or at least 2 articles per month) on particular issues of your choice relevant to sustainable development, environment, climate change and the like. We also would like non-writing contributions such as photo journalistic entries, short films and any other creative piece focusing on environmental issue(s).
  2. One-Time Contributor: You may also send one-time entries to Bailiff Africa and after editing, we will publish your work without requiring consistent contribution.
  3. News and Events Correspondent: bring updates on news and events regarding sustainable development, environment, climate change and the like.

If you are interested in any of the above volunteer positions, kindly send us an e-mail at bailiffafrica@gmail.com. Followed by your full name, area of interest and short bio, please send 2-3 writing samples (for contributor and correspondent positions), interest for desired capacity (all positions) and previous experience in environmental activities (lack of previous experience is NOT at all a disqualifying factor but we would like to know what you’ve done).

You will be informed as soon as possible if you have been invited to join the Bailiff team.

Please note:

  1. All Bailiffs must demonstrate passion and dedication towards environmental issues in Africa and be willing to immerse themselves in such issues while a part of Bailiff Africa.
  2. We also prefer that our Bailiffs have constant and reliable access to the internet as majority of our current activities involve the use of the internet. If you do not have access to consistent internet connection, please let us know and we would work with you.

Please, let us know if you are interested but have trouble meeting any of the above requirements.