NAGS Week, 2013 (National Association of Geography Students)

“This is important because some students believe that climate change is a country-level issue that students don’t have anything to do with.”
Fut Minna
The National Association of Geography Students Climate and Environmental Research Group (NAGSCERG) Of the Federal University of Technology,Minna will be holding their first ever NAGS Week, 2013. The program will run from January 24 – 26, 2013 and is free ad open to the public. NAGS Week, 2013 will focus on the theme:
Climate Change Awareness, Nigerian Current Status and My Role!
Program Details:
Day Program Start Time
Day 1: January 24th Orientation 9am
Day 2: January 25th Campaign 9am
Day 3: January 26th

Seminar / Grand Launch of Weather

Forecast Application Software

Program Details:
Orientation: NAGS Week, 2013 will begin on the 24th with an orientation for the incoming students which will combine a welcome program as well as resources while a part of the department.
Campaign: The 25th is the D-day! We’ll start at 3pm with a rally / campaign on climate change awareness and other environmental issues. We intend to highlight the role and contributions of students to climate change and its solutions. The meeting point is the Campus Auditorium.
This is important because some students believe that climate change is a country~level issue that doesn’t have any thing to do with students. We’ll address some of these issues during the campaign throughout campus.
Seminar / Grand Launch: The last day (26th) is the grand finale of the week and will commence with the grand launch of our weather forecast application software! The software was built by one of our students and provides daily and weekly weather information for Minna, the city location of the University. Following the launch, there will be a workshop/seminar where we hear from invited speakers and participants who are contributing towards climate change awareness in Nigeria.
There will also be a paper presentation from the State coordinator of NESREA on environmental regulatory issues. We believe that at the end of the week,students will be encouraged to get involved in climate change campaigns. The meeting point is the Campus Auditorium.
In order to find out more about this event, please contact:
Paul Osho ->,
Hamzat Lawal ->, +2348068699956

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