Even the Pope Has Something to Say About Destruction of Nature…Calls it a ‘Modern Sin.’

It is not very common to see religious leaders weigh in on environmental issues in the modern world. In fact, perhaps religious leaders should have a large percent of the role of education seeing that they stand in very high places of authority as far as their congregations are concerned. So, it’s a breath of fresh air for Pope Francis – the inconventional pope – to give his two cents on climate change and environmental destruction. And he doesn’t have very much pleasant news.

Source: CrooksandLiars

Source: CrooksandLiars

In an address at the University of Molise, an agricultural region in southern Italy, the pope called for more respect for nature. According to him, the destruction of South America’s rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation is a sin of modern times.

Here’s how earthtechling.com reports it:

“This is one of the greatest challenges of our time: to convert ourselves to a type of development that knows how to respect creation,” he told students and farmers while speaking in a university hall on Saturday.

The Earth should be allowed to give her fruits without being exploited, Francis said.

“When I look at America, also my own homeland (South America), so many forests, all cut, that have become land … that can longer give life. This is our sin, exploiting the Earth and not allowing her to her give us what she has within her,” Pope Francis said in unprepared remarks.

In May, Sen. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) met with the pope to discuss the importance of acting on the warming planet instead of waiting idly. The week before that visit, Pope Francis compared battling climate change to safeguarding creation, advising the world that “if we destroy creation, creation will destroy us! Never forget this!”

We wonder if our African leaders are following keenly the environmental crises in the world (how could anyone dodge the effects?) and whether they will step up to encourage environmental protection.

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