The HOME School: Health of Mother Earth Foundation Launches with Free Sustainability Academy

Environmental sustainability has been brought even closer to our finger tips with the launch of the Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOME Foundation) and the accompanying sustainability academy (HOME School). The foundation, HOMEF, is an environmental / ecological think tank and advocacy organisation, which seeks to “contribute to the building of movements for recovery of memory, dignity and harmonious living with full respect for natural cycles of Mother Earth.”

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The organization is overseen by a richly diverse advisory board made up of men and women who have distinguished themselves in the struggle for environmental justice and the rights of Mother Earth. From the director: Nnimmo Bassey, a Nigerian Rafto Prize and Right Livelihood Award winner to professionals from the USA, South Africa, Ghana, Ecuador, Bolivia, the UK and Malaysia, the leadership of the HOMEF represents the future of global environmental movements. The HOMEF focuses on three key areas: fossil fuels, hunger politics and creating spaces for knowledge generation and sharing. In order to achieve goals in all three areas, the HOMEF has launched a creative platform called the HOME School, it’s pioneer session from Aug 19 – 23, 2013, which will provide interactive and creative classes on the focus areas of the organization.

The HOMEF has released a statement providing more information on the HOME School:

The sustainability academy, also referred to as the HOME School, provides the fundamental vehicle for the attainment of the change HOMEF seeks to build. The academy provides spaces for knowledge creation and sharing. Through this we work to eliminate ignorance and build self-reliance and confidence in the wisdom that has preserved and improved our environment over the millennia. The academy is not a physical structure, but rather fluid spaces for participatory learning and will begin in three cities in Nigeria: Abuja, Benin and Lagos. Through the academy HOMEF connects peoples and shares knowledge and ideas of what has worked or is working or would work. The space is vital for analyses and sharing of why and how communities are trained to acquiesce to exploitation, oppression and humiliation. The academy also helps to expose tokenistic actions to dull resistance and breed debilitating dependence. The Sustainability Academy is also a space for contest of ideas. The Sustainability Academy provides the space for our work on Fossil Fuels and Hunger Politics.

The Academy will have two regular sessions each year with the length of one week each. Each session has at least one instigator/lecturer who would inspire and challenge the people in at separate meetings within that week. Target groups include:

    • High School students
    • Students in tertiary institutions
    • Community people / other civil society activists.
    • Government officials / policy makers

The dates and locations of the academy are as follows:

Abuja: August 19th

Benin: August 21st

Lagos: August 23rd

In order to apply for the pioneer HOME School holding August 19 – 23 in Nigeria, please send an e-mail to stating interest in the program with the following details:

  1. Surname,
  2. First name,
  3. Organisation or Institution/School,
  4. City where you reside/school,
  5. Age (Choose one): 15-20, 21-30, 31-40, Over 40 .

Further information will be sent to you. The entire cost of the session is FREE. Please, note that the first 50 applicants to the HOME School will receive a free copy of Nnimmo Bassey’s book, To Cook a Continent.

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