Watch the 1st Episode of ‘It’s Dead Serious’, the Original Film Series By World Wildlife Fund.

About the series and this episode:

Illegal wildlife trafficking is one of the world’s top criminal activities — ranked alongside drugs, arms, and human trafficking. The international crime syndicates running this trade are lining their pockets with billions of dollars, while they slaughter animals at rates never seen before, threaten lives, and even impact global security.

WWF is at the forefront of the fight to stop wildlife crime. Recently, WWF urged Thailand to ban its ivory trade and secured strong action from champions such as President Obama. But the work is not done. Together we can make it possible for elephants to keep their ivory, rhinos their horns, and tigers their skins.

Watch WWF’s five-part original online series, STOP WILDLIFE CRIME: THE SERIES and learn from experts in the fields of government, security, forensics and conservation. Join the campaign and learn more about our efforts to Stop Wildlife Crime.

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