Watch the Short, Captivating Film on the Tower Envirofit Clean Cook-Stoves

We cannot count how many times we’ve heard people say “food cooked with firewood and charcoal tasted best.” This ‘philosophy’ makes it difficult for many people in rural areas to convert to other forms of fuel for cooking…also, many people in the cities crave firewood-cooked food. Now, there’s a solution to this dichotomy. We’ve seen Wonderbag out of South Africa and now, we’ve been introduced to a brand new cooking technology developed by Tower Aluminium in Nigeria and Envirofit, USA. Tower is a household name in the Nigerian kitchenware space and they have ventured with Envirofit, the world leader in clean cook-stove technology. The venture has also created a short commercial film, beautifully produced and narrated in Pidgin English, demonstrating the every day life of a young, domestic woman and the way in which the stoves come in.

tower envirofit cookstove

In Nigeria, majority of households still use charcoal and firewood as the primary fuel for domestic cooking. Most of the cook-stoves used are of inferior design and do not burn the charcoal and firewood efficiently. This results in excess consumption of discharged smoke and soot, causing more than 95,000 deaths annually in Nigeria and many more thousands of debilitating illnesses. The environmental effects of inefficient stoves abound: rampant deforestation as a result of higher consumption of firewood, and increased extraction of resources for charcoal. The Tower Envirofit Cookstoves reduce smoke emissions by up to 80%, use 60% less fuel and also reduce cooking time by up to 50%. The stoves are also affordable.

Watch this short film about the cook-stoves.

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