Water Runs Deep (BNRCC Film)

The Building Nigeria’s Response to Climate Change coalition (BNRCC) produced a film in 2011, addressing the effects of Climate Change in Nigeria’s Southern region, and concurrently with another film addressing effects in the North.

The film, which focuses heavily on local testimony alongside scientific explanations of the impact of climate change on Nigerian lands and peoples in the South, is very descriptive in image and narration.

According to the BNRCC, The coalition “is a five-year project implemented by the Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST), a Nigerian NGO, and the Canadian consortium of ICF-Marbek and CUSO-VSO. It operates in twenty states across Nigeria. The project involves research, community-based pilot adaptation projects, extensive communication efforts, and the development of a national adaptation strategy. the strategy aims at strengthening the government and civil society stakeholders to take informed, gender sensitive and equitable action to benefit Nigeria’s most vulnerable people who face the negative impacts from Climate Change on their lives ad livelihoods.” The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) provides financial support for BNRCC.

The BNRCC also produced another film about the effects of Climate Change in the North of Nigeria. Check out the BNRCC film titled In the Red Zone.

Water Runs Deep: Climate Change in Southern Nigeria.

To find out more about NEST, CIDA’s role in the project and the BNRCC coalition, visit the NEST / BNRCC website.

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