We Don’t Want this to End! ‘Do the Green Thing’ Continues the Art-Down to Earth Hour, 2014.

We know we’re not the only ones itching for the daily doses of artwork from Do the Green Thing as part of the countdown to Earth Hour, next week Saturday, March 29, 2014.

All eager for last week’s awe-inspiring artwork? Wait no longer:

Windows by Hudson-Powell

Source: DotheGreenThing

Source: DotheGreenThing


London design agency Hudson-Powell have crafted a brilliant piece of browser-based wordplay, inspiring a generation of internet addicts to disconnect our screens and connect with our surroundings. “Most of us feel the slow pull of technology. Screens filled with other people’s wonderfully exciting lives and photos of exotic places are increasingly more than just a distraction, drawing us away from what’s actually around us,”says Jody. “Our poster simply says shut some pixel windows and enjoy the real world, the one that smells a bit funny. #nofilter”


Britons are glued to a screen for nine hours a day and spend more time online than any other nation. But what is the carbon cost of our digital addictions? Given that a single Google search is the same as driving a car three inches, it adds up pretty quickly over time.


Head over to TimeOut and make some weekend plans in your city that don’t involve being plugged in or powered up.


Roll by Rob Draper

art 2

Type man and bike man Rob Draper inspires us to go by pedal power instead of petrol power, framing elegant freehand lettering inside his bicycle. Rob said:

“Good day? Make it a great one with a bike ride. Bad day? Make it a good one with a bike ride. Good day…”


Cycling is a sensational experience; the rush of the wind flowing through your hair, the feel of your shirt rippling on your back, the sound of the spokes spinning and the ease at which we can soar past car drivers in traffic jams.


If you need some wheels it’s worth looking on Preloved who list thousands of second-hand bikes that have been loved by someone else – a double win for sustainability.


Sunshine by Steven Qua

art 3

Steven Qua asks us to enjoy natural rather than electrical light with a brilliant piece of paper engineering which contains a message that is only completed at one moment in the day by the shadows thrown by the sun.

“This poster is powered by the sun,” says Steven. “There is only one moment a day when it can be read. It could be more than one but you have to keep moving the poster. I like to sit and watch the sun move across the wall until it switches the poster on. Last week it was around 11.37. I will be making a right-handed version so I can do the same thing when the sun goes down. Like most things, it needs the sun to work.”


Because lamplight uses bad power and and sunlight uses good power. A sunlit room creates beautiful ambience; why would you go and spoil it by leaving the lights on too? We’re lighting the world up twice and we don’t even know it.


Download a template of Steven’s poster [here], print onto heavyweight paper and cut the tabs out. Open the curtains, let the light in and place the poster so the sun hits it at just the right angle to complete the typographic puzzle.


Switch Off Engine by Harry Pearce

art 4

Today Pentagram partner Harry Pearce takes a warning sign from the depths of the car world and reuses it to create a messages that instructs us to step away from our vehicles and go by foot instead.

“The visual language of obedience demands our attention and compliance,” says Harry. “Maybe the car industry should follow its own rules.”


London motorists spent an average of 82 hours stuck in traffic last year. That’s 82 hours in a smoke-spewing, soul-crushing box on wheels that could’ve been spent doing something better. Like walking.


The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and the idea of walking to work is back on the cards for many of us. Walk to Work Week is happening in the UK between the 12-16 May. Sign up and put your best foot forward.

For more, visit: http://dothegreenthing.tumblr.com/page/1/#79964622341

Join the world’s biggest celebration of our brilliant planet and sign up for Earth Hour on 29 March at 8.30 pm.

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