What’s Nice and Serious About Palm Oil? Watch the Trailer for ‘Unseen the Movie’ on Palm Oil!

To start 2014 with a bang, one of Nice and Serious’ best and boldest projects went live last week. Working in collaboration with WWF on their Sustainable Palm Oil campaign, Nice and Serious came up with an innovative new approach to communicating a serious issue: a fake movie trailer! Your shampoo, your ice cream, your margarine, your lipstick – all contain palm oil. Demand is still growing, as are oil palm plantations… but at what price to tropical forests and the biodiversity found there?

Source: Agricorner.com

Source: Agricorner.com

The idea was to create a film that would engage people on a fairly unknown topic. The ethics behind the production of palm oil are a massive issue, that have global reach, and yet it’s something that few people really know about. The challenge was to create a film that would grab people’s attention, have high sharing potential and get the message out there that Palm Oil production needs to improve.

Movie trailers are something people love to watch and share. They are captivating and often dramatic. The perfect formula for our important campaign film! This unusual concept also plays on the irony that finding products which contain sustainable palm oil shouldn’t have to be an epic drama. Watch the film trailer below:

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