When Will the Funds Reach Zamfara to Save 1,500 Lead Poisoned Children?

Word Cloud derived from interviews with the people of Bagega and Zamfara.

Word Cloud derived from interviews with the people of Bagega and Zamfara.

With thousands of people from 64 countries of the world urging the government of Nigeria to immediately remediate Bagega, in Northern Nigeria, the Follow the Money Team has released a three month report on its mission to advocate, track and visualize the 850million Naira ($4million) meant to clean up the village of Bagega,where about 1,500 lead poisoned children are waiting for urgent treatment.

The complete report can be found at www.followthemoneyng.org/savebagega1.pdf

The #SaveBagega trend took Twitter by storm recently, with several online personalities (including ) joining the growing number of Nigerians crying out for disbursement of funds by the government for the remediation of Bagega. The trend follows in the footsteps of several successful missions of spreading word about funding for ill Nigerians or those in dire need of help.

The Follow the Money Team remains hopeful that the amplified voices of the people of Bagega; everyone from around the world that has signed the petition at www.followthemoneyng.org; the about 30 local and international media that are keeping this story on the front burner will spur the government of Nigeria to act swiftly in cleaning up Bagega!

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with the team, contact Hamzat Lawal at +234-806-869-9956 orhamzy@followthemoneyng.org and/or Oludotun Babayemi at +234-813-490-8561 or oludotun@followthemoneyng.org




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