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Have you ever had a migration story to tell? Well, here’s your chance to do so! This year, the United Nations World Youth Report is making it easy for you to have your say by contributing your stories, artwork or survey responses to the WYR.

On Wednesday 23rd January 2013, the team launched a 4-week online, interactive discussion platform aimed at bringing together young migrants and other young people affected by migration to share with us, and each other, their stories and experiences. The aim is to engage with young people aged between 15-35. Have you or a family member been through a migration experience? How was your journey? What are your thoughts?

Ready to have your say?

About the Report:

According to the UN Focal Point on Youth:

The United Nations is in the process of preparing its 2013 World Youth Report (WYR) on Youth Migration and Development. The Report will offer a multidimensional account and/or perspective of the life experiences of young migrants and young people affected by migration. The United Nations defines international migrants as persons who reside outside of their country of origin for one year or more. As of 2010 the UN estimated approximately 214 million international migrants.

International migration has undoubtedly become a pressing development issue in recent times, not only for governments and the international community but also for a broad range of society actors in both the global North and South. Newly available estimates of the migrant stock by age, produced by the Population Division of DESA, indicated that, by mid-2010, the global number of international migrants aged 15 to 24 was estimated at 27 million, constituting about one-eighth of the global migrant stock of 214 million. According to a UN report, young people represent a major proportion of those migrating annually given that in many cases, the age range 18 to 29 accounts for between 36 per cent and 57 per cent of international migrants. Furthermore, approximately half (49 percent) of all international migrants are women.

Today’s youth have access to relatively cheap and easy means of transport, information about opportunities beyond their borders, and are more likely than ever to migrate for reasons ranging from family reunification to the desire for better education and employment opportunities to the need to escape war or conflicts.

Learn more about how you can participate in our consultations and input to the Report by clicking here.

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