Youth Environmental Summit (YES) is Hosted by Zaverters Consultant, Makurdi, June 27 – 29, 2013

Zaverters Consultant Limited is requesting for young environmental experts to register for their upcoming summit scheduled to hold at Auditorium I, College of Health Sciences, Benue State University, Makurdi, Benue State. The summit is will hold from the 27th to the 29th of June, 2013.
Youth Environmental Summit is a not-for-profit initiative of Zaverters Consultants Limited. YES

is an exclusive annual event, which offers an unparalleled experience for environmentalists, entrepreneurs, business executives, politicians, developers, inventors, innovators, strategists, students, professionals and leaders .

This 3-day program will encourage and inspire youth, students, leaders, manufacturers,
producers, journalists, employers and activists in Nigeria a unique opportunity to be part of this
environmental advocacy movement and also develop their careers in environment.
On a broader scale, Youth Environmental Summit is expected to improve an understanding of
our environment and how it directly affects us in the quest of sustainable development. As an
advocacy movement, YES has chosen the media as a tool to effectively harness this quest.
Judging from the point of view of convergence of environmental action groups, it’s paramount
to state that “it’s amazing what we can achieve if we don’t care who takes the credit”. The race
towards a better environment involving low carbon; cleaner energy utilization, conservation of
natural resources as well as best management practices in production just to mention a few, is
being run by a lot of Non-Governmental Organizations, Private Business firms, Research
Institutions, Consultants, CSOs and of course Government. Youth Environmental Summit (YES)
seeks to bring together various stakeholders irrespective of their networks as a means to
celebrate ourselves.

YES platform and secretariat will also serve as a source of information from stakeholder register
to programs, reports, calendar, student resource materials, research data et.c
It is known that various individual NGOs, CSOs, Firms, Institutions, Individuals etc publish their
reports as well as make them available even to the public on demand but its effectiveness in
terms of information flow is low on index. It is better “for the cause” to work together in achieving our goals than seeing it as a competitive measure in accessing resources or carrying out our mandates as advocates and delegates of the environment.The three days event seeks to bring together young environmentalist contributing to environmental sustainability in Nigeria to share their various activities with participants and also to inspire local actions.

To participate in this summit, applications are open via prior to the summit date.

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