There are many ways to achieve perfect and ideal home you and your family dreamed of, one of the best way is by adding swimming pool to your home improvement project. Building your own swimming pool on your home will improve the value and aesthetic value of your home. You may also create a space that can be your family place to recreate and spend summer while saving money and improving your home. Make sure that you design the pool that you want to build. You can create swimming pool according to your space or you can simply make square or round pool. You may also need to determine the pool and the color of the pool. Alternatively, you can ask architect to come up with design that will match with your space, your need and your requirement.  One of the most exclusive and the best part you can install on your backyard is a pool, however to ensure that you can use it even at the night is by adding pool light. Today, i will provide you a step by step guide on how to decorate your pool using pool lights.

Before you go further, you might need to gett a permit to build swimming pool. You might need to hire a contractor that have license or qualified to build swimming pool on your area. You also need to line up and apply for a permit to build swimming pool on your home. Then, you can check how to add pool lights on your pool.

You can use LED pool Lights that available in many styles, there are incandescent and also halogen styles. LED pool Lights are cheaper, efficient and lasting more than any other types of light. With low radiant heat and low power consumption, you can get LED spike lights or other types of light from this website.

There are so many color option you can choose from LED Pool Light, you can add these coloured LED lights to add atmosphere and fun to your pool and home. There are many color from green, blue for underwater lighting, you may also get another color for your pool. This way, your pool wont be colored as black and dull at the night and looks lively even at the night.

For your pool surrounding, you might need to add outdoor light that made from LED, weatherproof, 14W watt flood light and allow you to decorate your pool and create lively atmosphere in your backyard area. These flood light are allow you to add some personal taste on your pool without worry about rusting and damage.  You might need to add LED spike lights for your garden around your pool to add some style and touch of elegance for your whole backyard.

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