Being an observant homeowner is the best way to stay on top of home maintenance issues. You can reduce the chance of incurring an expensive repair bill by performing basic, routine maintenance on your home. While you may be able to do the majority of your home maintenance yourself, there are some tasks that require the assistance of professionals.

Start at the Top

The roof of your home should be inspected several times a year. You can use the change of seasons as a reminder to check your roof. If you notice visible problems such as loose or raised shingles, you should have a professional come out and inspect your roof. Jacksonville roof repair can inspect your roof and make repairs or replace the roof if necessary. They can also check out the condition and functionality of your gutters, downspouts and chimney caps. Preventative roof maintenance can help protect the contents of your home.

Your Interior Space

You can do most of the preventative maintenance in the interior of your home. Being alert to any potential issues such as leaking faucets or slow drains gives you a chance to take care of a small problem before it becomes a big repair. Cleaning faucets and drains is a simple project that doesn’t take much of your time. Changing your furnace filter is another maintenance task you can do yourself. Vacuuming heat vents and registers and refrigerator coils is also a DIY maintenance project that should be done periodically.

Foundation Issues

To avoid a major problem with your home’s foundation, you should have a professional check out any cracks in the foundation as soon as you notice them. Leaves, grass and debris can prohibit you from seeing cracks when they first appear. Periodically raking, clipping grass or trimming shrubs is the best way to see the condition of your foundation.

Setting up a maintenance schedule is a good way to assure that preventative tasks are done regularly. Most of those tasks aren’t extensively time-consuming. Neglecting to do them can be hard on the budget.

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