Wrought iron can add an elegance to your home that is durable and timeless. Used before many other types of material were available, wrought iron is being chosen today for the unique style it boasts. It is used on a variety of things from interior and exterior wall décor to lighting, fences, railings, and doors.

Wrought Iron Wall Art

Any home can benefit from the use of wrought iron wall décor. It is available in virtually any style and size that is desired. Several pieces can be displayed together to provide a very handsome focal point for any room. Clocks, candle sconces, trees, and scrolls are just a few of the different types that can be used in homes.

Wrought iron can be used in decorating other ways. Lamps and picture hangers are also popular wrought iron pieces. Lamps can be electric or use candles to create atmosphere. If you do not want to use real candles for safety reasons, bulbs are available that create the look of flickering candles. Chandeliers made of this material are often chosen for dining rooms or entryways. This decorating style is used in many homes to enhance a particular look. Villa architectural style, as well as country benefit from the use of wrought iron décor.

Fences and Gates

A wrought iron fence provides a beautiful look and security. The fences and gates are strong and add nice curb appeal to homes. If you choose this type of fencing, you can add to the look by having wrought iron railing or balusters. One business that provides wrought iron deck balusters is Union Metalworks.

Wrought iron doors are another way to provide a great look for any home. Some people choose the type with scroll work for their beauty. They are also quite strong and provide safety and security. As an entryway door, wrought iron choices can add an affordable and low maintenance option that is also stylish. Just like fences and gates, they also provide curb appeal.

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